All Seven Casino Blog All Sevens Casino Blog and Casino Strategy Sat, 26 Apr 2014 05:01:26 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Sat, 26 Apr 2014 05:01:26 +0000 Casino States Launched for U.S. Players
A new deal for online casino players in the U.S. is underway courtesy of

Hearty welcome to all friends, members and staff of Casino States
Casino states, a newly developed casino brand, in succession on the platform of Top Game Games. The casino is designed in order to enhance the worth of entertainment concerning online casinos up to the most possible extent.

]]> 0 Sun, 06 Apr 2014 05:00:15 +0000 New Jersey Residents Giddy On Eve Of Online Gambling Launch
New Jersey residents will wake up Tuesday morning with a new gambling option as the state prepares to bring the first online casino to New Jersey.

Mobile Casino Gambling Exciting the World, Not the US, Yet
While US players wait for their turns to hit big at online casinos, foreign players are seeing an increase in jackpots, with one player even winning multiple times in a week.

Thanksgiving Week The Target Date For New Jersey Online Gambling
Residents of New Jersey may have a new entertainment form for their Thanksgiving week this year as regulators in the state are targeting November 26th for the launch of online casinos.

New Jersey Regulators Lay Out Online Casino Timeline
New Jersey is down to the last couple of steps before online casinos are opened to the public later this year. This weekend, New Jersey regulators set the timetable for those final steps to be completed.

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Freeroll Poker Game Enthusiasts Enjoy Online casino Action Tue, 04 Feb 2014 07:21:24 +0000 Lots of people enjoy playing poker and they also strive to get to an internet casino whenever they can however, when you don’t live near Las Vegas, Atlantic City as well as other locations where you can easily visit the casino, it’s nice to have the ability to play on the web. Luckily, you can find poker sites for people like us gamers that will help to play without notice so you never even need to leave the enhanced comfort of your house. This is particularly nice when weather conditions are bad, you do not live near to an casino, you’ve mobility problems, or you need to be at home to watch over your children.

Whatever your causes of attempting to find internet poker sites for all of us gamers, you will find some important features that need to be considered. First of all, finding internet poker websites for gamers is not necessarily easy. You will see limitations on how these accounts may be funded, so it’s frequently important to plan in advance however, you can find sites available, and poker players online can savor the excitement and fun of internet poker action. Actually, freeroll poker games may take part in several occasions and experience realistic action from their own computer.

If you’re searching for a web based poker network that will help you to enjoy poker imediately, it is essential that you select only well established and reliable sites. You will need to fund the account by applying permitted methods. Some sites will help you to use a debit or credit card, while other web sites will require deposits made through other techniques. You may choose to create a wire transfer or mail a check to the organization. If you choose a wire transfer or a handwritten check, you should realize it could take two or three days before the funds are really deposited to your account however, once you’ve your account setup as well as the funds credited, its time to start playing.

Many internet poker sites try a variety of games, regardless of whether you choose a regular poker game or you need to try your skill in a free roll poker game, the thrill and fun of realistic casino action is actually a terrific technique to relax and revel in some spare time. Luckily, since the creation of the net, folks are now able to enjoy internet poker without the headache of visiting another location.

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Pick The Right Internet Casino To Experience Your Favorite Game Fri, 27 Jul 2012 09:00:46 +0000 Internet casinos and gambling has become the most economically rich industries of the world. You’ll find innumerable online casinos the players can go to for playing a massive number of games like blackjack, roulette and poker. In a very competitive world, you can find different casino sites that offer various benefits and games to lure players. But it is a good idea to be really cautious prior to installing the casino software from the sites. So, the question that poses a threat to play online casino games is how to select the right online casino.


Things to consider


A very important thing that should be considered before choosing the best online casino would be to know who owns that respective casino and the jurisdiction by which they’re actually based. For instance, in case the software provider is not a well known site and doesn’t offer accurate info on their casino rules and regulations, it is best to carefully check out the conditions and terms. If you find that there isn’t any hidden details, you can begin playing your chosen casino game. But it is always best to keep the record of the financial activities and be careful of not falling for the misleading offers promotions, bonus policies, unethical tactics, irresponsible payouts and unfair software. It’s imperative to be hundred percent sure you’re enjoying your game at the legit virtual casino prior to deciding to begin to use your hard earned money.


Additionally it is recommended to know the policies, software ad requirements of the online casino you intend to play with. Also, if a casino bonus seems to be too great to be real, it can often be. But in case you’ve got an interest to take it, make sure that you browse the terms of that promotion before actually accepting it.


Keep a record of your transactions


If you need to ask the online casino operators about a cash payout many times, it is critical to find out the reason behind it. You have full liberty to inquire of the casino about these cashing terms. It’s important as well to be familiar with the gambling rights while playing games at the internet casinos. This can be accomplished by carefully going through the small print and checking even the smallest of mundane details. For your personal record, it is wise to keep a record of the transactions. Another most crucial point to remember while finding the right internet casino is to ensure that it is actually the real people who are working behind internet casino interface and that whatever they are doing is for the player’s interest.


Always it’s a guideline that a reliable online casino will try hard to keep its players satisfied and happy and provide them with some freebies at least after regular intervals. Needless to say, it is better not to get tricked by the fairy land promotions and bonuses offered. It’s wise to check the stipulations along with other hidden details to be able to play at the best internet casino. Also, only certain sites accept US casino players so be sure to check for that also.

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United States Casinos Are A By-roduct Of Capitalist Mindset Sun, 06 May 2012 07:00:00 +0000 The USA has long been a capitalist country to the core. While the financial affiliation of a country doesn't determine all its living forces and ideologies, it certainly determines the way the general public examines its leisure activities. US casinos are perhaps a by-product of the capitalist mindset; not as much in terms of the things they offer as in how they have spread. It could be argued that casinos and other gambling activities can certainly help workplace productivity to some extent. If workers find true joy in their leisure hours they can be much more effective during work hours. This fact combined with the capitalist mindset have been the real reason for rapid spreading of casinos in the US since the time of their introduction.

Today, US casinos are not restricted to physical buildings, but have blossomed online. It has ensured that one could play bingo and poker and lots of other games from your house on your personal computer. Traditional and internet based casinos in the US offer many different types of games of chance. There is Roulette in both its American and Russian versions, There is Poker for those who think gambling isn't just about luck, There is Bingo for happy-go-lucky people and many more. In short, casinos keep in mind the taste and skill of each type of player.

There is no denying that life in the US casinos is filled with fantastic elements. Sometimes, it seems rather surreal, the climate where beverages and food flow and money peters in and drains out before you could blink an eye. This again is why casinos are so widely regarded. It gives vent to the surrealist and adventurous fantasies of people. Some of them don't mind putting out some cash for the thrill of maintaining the spirit of chance.

Top casinos make sure that liquidity of the house is never jeopardized. They understand that while the casino bank is the eventual winner on many occasions, there can be a need for a huge payout from time to time. For such times, they are always prepared and make no bones about settling the payouts. The casino is very confident with its formula for success. They offer various bonuses and free tourneys for amateurs. That is a great way of bringing newcomers to their casino and leading them to be loyalists forever.

There exists a reason to be concerned though. While the gambling operators are doing quite well, the gambling affiliates facing US casinos are in for a tough time. It has been especially so, since the the online gambling Black Friday. Those who were using the European markets for their highly profitable revenue share programs make enough money in the recent past but those who traded as nincompoops and never looked beyond the US market are finding themselves out in cold. However, like any earlier impasse, it may be hoped that the gambling industry would sort it out between them and continue making it ever-so-smooth for the spy

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Strategies To Card Counting Sun, 15 Apr 2012 04:58:11 +0000 Card counting in blackjack is a mathematical technique of remembering all cards dealt from the deck at a specific time. Counting cards helps you to understand what cards are still left to be played which may greatly aid him in the game. Counting cards is not easy but it can be done with experience and practice.

High Low Card Counting Technique

The Hi-Lo counting card system was developed by Harvey Dubner. He simplified the Ten Count system that was developed by Dr. Edward Throp, making it simpler for gamblers to use it at an actual blackjack table. This strategy is specifically made for beginner and intermediate blackjack players. This counting system is one of easiest to understand and is recommended for players who aren’t full time players, but still need to learn how to count cards. Since it is very simple to use, the High/Low counting system is the most common choice for many blackjack teams. It’s because the system performs well against the learning curve when numerous players on the team are at different levels.

The High/Low system can be learned quite easily. First, you have to learn the value for every card in the deck. That value is 2-6 (the low cards) +1, 7-9, 0, and cards 10, J, Q, K and A (the high cards) -1. You always start the count at zero after the dealer shuffles. When you see a card in the 2-6 range add one to the count, do nothing if you see a card in the 7-9 range and last subtract one every time you see 10 or higher or an Ace. The resulting number is the Running Count. When the Running Count is high means more low cards have been played. When it low means more high cards have been played. Then you’ve to compare it to the True Count, which is Running Count divided by the number of decks left to be played. You make your bets accordingly. You need the True Count to be as high as possible to supply the players the best odds of winning against the dealer.

Knockout Blackjack Card Counting System:

The knockout counting system, or KO, is considered the most popular unbalanced counting card methods. Most card counting techniques are balanced. A balanced card system is when you count down the entire deck and end up with a final count of 0. But an unbalanced count system means counting through a card deck you’ll not get an end count of 0.

Knock out blackjack requires fewer conversion methods than the HI-LO system. The KO counting system is actually easier for the player. If you are having problems with the Hi-Lo system because of the the conversions, you need to use the KO system and see if you achieve greater accuracy while playing.

The main reason for less conversions is the Knock Out system includes the sevens in the low card group. This system works like this. A card in the 2-7 range adds one to the count, you still do nothing when a card in the 8-9 range shows up and subtract one for a 10 or higher including the Ace. The good thing about This system is it doesn’t use the True Count at all, making it much easier to compute.

Any of these two methods can get you counting cards in no time, but don’t use either of them for online casinos, because there is to much deviation.

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Washington DC Targeting Casual Gamblers With Online Casinos Tue, 03 Apr 2012 05:00:20 +0000 Washington DC Targeting Casual Gamblers With Online Casinos
Washington DC is on pace to become the first jurisdiction in the US to offer regulated online casino gambling. The DC Lottery is targeting casual, not professional, gamblers.

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BodogUK Hires Head of Casino Thu, 08 Mar 2012 06:00:20 +0000 BodogUK Hires Head of Casino (Press Release)
LONDON, March 7, 2012  From a development perspective online casinos have stood still for years despite being the biggest revenue drivers in terms of both margin and turnover for most operators. BodogUK now intends to completely overhaul the online casino market. With that goal in mind the keys have been given to Adam Joseph to drive and revolutionise this all-important platform. Adam joins BodogUK as Head

Casino Rewards Presents: The World's Luckiest Couple! (Press Release)
LAS VEGAS, March 7, 2012  If you thought hitting a jackpot at an online casino was far-fetched, think again! The latest winner at popular online casino has proved that lightning really can strike the same place twice. With her EUR125,000 win on online slot Burning Desire, M.R. joins the latest in a long line of CasinoRewards jackpot winners … one of whom was none other than her partner A.D.
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Connecticut May Turn To Internet Casinos To Stay Ahead In Northeast
Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy has watched as his state's gaming industry has suffered from expansion around the Northeast. Now, Malloy believes that beating the other states to online casinos may be the remedy.

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All About Internet US Casinos Tue, 10 Jan 2012 10:40:32 +0000 Plenty of people prefer internet casinos to traditional casinos. It could be the hassle-free aspect or the convenience of participating when you wish and from the comfort of your home. The issue that players face lies in site security and the dependability of the casino. I safe and secure site is required for gamblers. For US players, they should consider a different aspect. The Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act has made it hard for many internet casinos to accept these players. The law makes it tougher for financial transactions in and out of the US. The good news is you can still find many casinos that offer gambling to players in the US.

The talk about legalizing internet gambling is on going in many states for some time. You might have heard about these internet gaming regulations in the US and should definitely be wondering whether or not it is safe to gamble internet. The true problem isn’t about having the right to gamble internet, but the ability of gambling sites to process monetary transactions in and out of the US. These monetary transactions should be a simple task for gambling companies to handle without a lot of hassle or difficulty, but the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act is successful in shutting many of these transaction methods down and rendering it more difficult to process. Some operations have seen their funds seized by the US government.

Traditional land based casinos have managed to get by the legalization debate without creating a lot of debate with the legislation that restrict gaming. the Indian casinos had virtually no problem. The internet industry was hoping to do the same until legislation was passed that called a lot of attention to them. Event though, many online casino sites offer great services and tools created to offer secure internet applications and a number of gaming options. The best way to find these websites is by making a Google search on them. A good gambling portal has done the majority of the work for you. They offer several internet casinos that are reputable, provide good stable software and which accept US casino players.

Despite these portals providing detailed information, you need to proceed with caution. A lot of people get caught up in the excitement of the action and rush into making choices not necessarily the best ones. Before choosing your internet gaming room. You should check facts such as the availability of site, security and privacy, types and security of transaction processing, initial sign up and reload bonuses, free casino play, along with theefficiency of its Customer service.

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Justice Department Ruling Could Lead to Big Changes For Internet Casino Players Tue, 03 Jan 2012 05:06:44 +0000 In a surprising action, the united states Department of Justice has clarified their stance on online gambling. The official opinion was published on Friday before Christmas, however the original decision was made in September. The ruling came in reaction to a request by Senators Harry Reid and Jon Kyl for the Department of Justice to clarify its position. Two other states, Illinois and New York, also asked for clarification with regards to the Wire Act of 1961, one of the major regulations utilized by the Department of Justice in search of internet gaming and casino regulation.
judgement reverses the Justice Departments prior stance that all kinds of gaming online are illegal, however , stops short of proclaiming that the Justice Department is looking to set guidelines for a national internet gaming system. The Department of Justice claims the new guideline “differs away from the department’s former interpretation of the Wire Act, (but) it reflects the department’s position in Congressional accounts during the time the Wire Act had been passed in 1961.” The latest conclusion from the Department of Justice says that the Wire Act only centers on sports gambling rather than casino or casino offerings.
Several states can take advantage of this conclusion to introduce new lotto games inside their borders. The new position does provide the potential for individual states or even a collection of states banding together to allow online casinos to make a comeback in the country.
There is a prospect that several states could group together to make an internet casino jackpot offering more appealing. The same as multi-state lotteries such as PowerBall as well as Mega Millions plus some interstate horse racing, a multi-state internet casino jackpots would offer the motivation required to drive large profits.
Proponents of legalized internet gambling say the business can provide fresh possibilities for revenue for states. But others, such as large casino interests want a country wide system. They are saying that the free-flowing nature of the Internet is ill-suited for state gaming plans, which could attempt to restrict online gambling to inside a given state’s borders.

For more <a href=””>US Casino News</a>

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